Karla Lauden
My recent work explores with a surrealist eye the absurd contradictions that are imposed on our everyday life. The paintings are presented like a play with each character secretly or publicly acting out and revealing their inadequacies, inequalities, and vulnerabilities. Each character is based on real or imaginary personalities who reveal the absurdity of their situations. As poet Paul Celan said, "It is only absurdity that shows the present of the human".

The other series, The Splinter Cat, is a collaborative exhibition where selected artists were given the backstory about a mythical creature from the folklore book based on William T. Cox's Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods. The Splinter Cat (Felynx Arbordiffisus) roams and terrorizes forests in search for wild bees and raccoons. Trees are smashed, broken and shattered, and nothing is left untouched. Considered a frightfully destructive animal, by folklore tale, I realized I wanted to twist the story from terrorizer to victim of circumstance...hunger.
Happenstance found that the Splinter Cat correlated perfectly with the destructive Excavator Mulchers that can destroy a 30 foot pine tree in 45 seconds. The Splinter Cat has taken on the characteristics of this manmade machine that does great destruction, and never goes hungry. The tension between man and animal makes The Splinter Cat an accomplice to the crime, but not the player.